Parking Space Alert

Dylan McKee

When you drive into a city centre (initially Newcastle city centre), the app will alert you automatically to the nearest carpark that has the most free spaces – helping you to get parked quicker and with less hassle! The notification will be triggered automatically by a geofence around your location, and will appear on both your dashboard mounted phone, and your smartwatch, for a truly safe handsfree experience. The app will also feature a CarPlay app, for compatible in-car entertainment systems. Additionally, using the weather APIs, the app will detect if it is raining, and if so it will automatically rank indoor car parking spaces above outdoor car parking spaces – to stop you from getting wet!

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The Student Saver

Niall Quinn

Supporting local businesses and helping students save money!

Large retailers often have the monopoly of advertising student discount via large marketing campaigns and an easy accessible footfall, however, there are a lot of local businesses who advertise student discount but sometimes have neither the money, time or expertise to execute a campaign or advertise effectively.

This app will support local businesses by providing them a platform to advertise themselves on a “Groupon” style interface. The end user can access relevant categories of shops (such as travel, food, drink, fashion, activities etc) who offer student discount and see reviews, deals, and directions at a touch of the screen. The idea is to support local businesses but at the same time, help save student’s money. In time, with increased usage, local businesses could be given data analytics to help channel and target relevant offers and ultimately, help drive custom.

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Travel Compare

Emma Louise Fielding

Travel Compare is a transport compare App. This compares Trains, Coaches, and Flights and in addition has a car sharing option. It is one of its kinds by showing all modes of transport to your destination in the quickest or cheapest way. This app will allow the public to search all modes of transport in an efficient & time saving manor with the ability to book the transport needed. This will not only revolutionise the way people book their transport but also change the future for booking your travel.

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